• April 16, 2018

Hard Drive Failure! What to do next?

Hard Drive Failure! What to do next?

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So a problem we come across fairly regularly is that a client’s hard drive failed and there is vital data on the hard drive that needs to be recovered.

There are a couple of things that can cause this to happen, but chief amongst these causes is that the hard drive was not “Safely Removed”.

Today I would like to shed some light on how data recovery takes place, and also why it is so important to always Safely Remove external disks before unplugging them.

Firstly, why is it so important to Safely Remove a disk? Hard drives are mechanical devices, with spinning disks and moving parts inside, when we safely remove them, we give the hard drive time to shut down in such a manner that it won’t harm the disks inside the hard drive, when we unplug a drive without safely removing it, we run the risk of harming data on the disk that may have been being read at the time that we removed the drive. This can cause irreparable damage to the hard drive, and makes data recovery not only difficult, but expensive.

Another way in which people lose data is by deleting something by accident or removing something without having an appropriate backup.

So how would we go about recovering your data? Well there are a couple of things we can do, but it is important to remember that with data recovery there is always a chance that we will not be able to recover any data, or the specific data that we wanted back, it is a 50/50 chance.

Data Recovery methods:

So data recovery is always an option but as stated previously, there is always a chance that we might not recover anything at all.

The first step would be a software recovery, this essentially looks for files within the drive’s partitions that could have been removed or deleted accidentally and have not had a chance to be overwritten yet, something that is very important is that if your hard drive is making noises that it usually doesn’t, this could a ‘clicking’ or loud ‘spinning’ unplug it and do not attempt software recovery as it is possible that you have been the victim of a mechanical failure and trying to access the drive will only make things worse.

The next step is mechanical failure in which case we would inspect the workings of the hard drive and attempt to recover data from it using magnetic reader heads or by removing a faulty part within the hard drive.

Many people are put off by this as it can be expensive but one of the things to remember is that most companies will not charge you for something they cannot recover, if the drive is irreparable, they will say so and should not charge you for it.

One of the biggest tips we can point to when it comes to data loss is to always have secure backups, don’t ever rely on one hard drive, secure cloud backups are a good way to go, or remember to keep your data on more than one hard drive so that if one should fail, you always do have a backup, this is especially important for vital business files or even personal files that you cannot recreate.

Multiplatform Networking offers data recovery as a service to our clients, we also try to show our clients how to prevent loss of information when a hard drive should crash. If you have any queries whatsoever regarding comprehensive backup solutions or a data recovery query, please do not hesitate to contact us on +27 83 484 5050 or email us on [email protected]