• May 21, 2018

UPS Power – The how, what and why?

UPS Power – The how, what and why?

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So we’ve all been there at some point or another, whether it be in our own homes or at the office, the storm clouds roll in and electronic devices are susceptible to the destructive effects of the maelstrom of charged lightning bolts connecting the earth to the sky for a split second. Storm clouds of course are not the only risk, power failures or malfunction on a power infrastructure can result in harmful power spikes and voltage irregularities being pushed through all of our expensive electronic devices.

What can we do about this very real threat to not only our wallets but to our data security, and normal business functions, surely we can’t be forced to unplug the whole office every time a cloud rolls overhead?

Well, the most obvious answer to this question is surge protection, something that stands between our devices and those harmful power spikes and surges that can potentially damage them. So, what are our different options when it comes to matters of surge protection?

Today we are going to discuss UPS Systems (Uninterruptable Power Supply), we have all probably heard of these or seen them in our offices, a small battery sitting next to our PC that gives us a grand total of 5mins to save our work and shut down the computer in the event of a power failure, but this is not the only function of these devices, and dare I say probably not their strongest functionality either.

This is essentially what a UPS is, a small battery that is placed between our mains power supply and our devices, the mains power charges the UPS and the UPS outputs a cleaner form of power, as it has the battery to compensate for power spikes/dips.

This is massively beneficial to our electronic devices, as we cannot always see from the outward appearance and operation of the devices what the quality of the power going in to them is, and if the quality of the power going in to them is not sufficient, we are putting strain on components within our electronics and essentially shortening their life span.

There are wide variety of UPS systems on the market today. Some of these UPS systems are very small, intended for one computer to be plugged in to them and some of them are larger, we can even go so far as to install an inverter system on our mains power supply which can provide backup power in a time of need but as stated before also serves to provide smooth and stable power to everything connected to our DB (Distribution Board).

Multiplatform Networking a wide variety of UPS Solutions ranging from a simple and small unit to protect one computer to larger units intended for servers or cabinets.

We would love to speak to you about your requirements and offer our expertise in this matter.